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Our Story

Our roots go back to 2011 when a group of Canadians in Calgary formed the C.A.S.A.  Caring Abroad Society of Alberta. We evolved to become Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation, a federal not-for-profit corporation in 2021. We subsequently received registered charity status to directly offer support and specialized care to children & youth with disabilities in Mexico.


Through your donations, we can ensure all of the needed services can be offered at no charge. Your donations also provide opportunity to increase services offered and the numbers of children served. 


MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation  is a registered Canadian charity. We engage in social welfare, cultural and charitable activities to assist children and families in Mexico who live on the poverty line and have special needs not being met. We will increase the number of children and introduce new programs. 

Meet Britany

Britany has Cerebral Palsy and when she first started attending at Casa Connor at age 4 she could not walk or use her right hand. Through hard work, within a few months she began to take steps with someone holding one of her hands. Less than one year later, at age 5, Britany began to walk on her own! This short touching and inspirational video shows you how proud she is, how proud her parents are and how proud we all are of Britany and her accomplishments!

What we do

We provide services and engage in activities that help youth and children with disabilities. We provide essential therapy, education and nutrition in a safe, supportive and accepting environment for children and youth with disabilities to reach their full potential. We strive to relieve poverty and conditions associated with disability by providing specially adapted treatments, medical services, medical equipment, medication, incidental facilities, and other supports to children and youth with disabilities in Mexico, to improve their health, welfare, social and cultural participation, and quality of life. Examples of MCA activities and initiatives include
  • Therapy, Education and Nutrition Services   –  MCA will work with Pasitos de Luz to provide therapy, education and nutrition services for the betterment of children and youth with disabilities. In addition to current children being served, we have identified over 100 children who have no access to any support and are not receiving help.
  • Expanding Services – MCA will work in cooperation with Pasitos de Luz to facilitate increasing options by introducing an evening/overnight respite program.  
  • Equipment Support and Home Therapy Program  – MCA, together  with Pasitos de Luzwill assess equipment requirements and prioritize needs. In addition to on-site therapy, we will provide  a program to bring therapy equipment to families with a special needs child in their homes including training on use and care of equipment.

Casa Connor

MCA will carry out its activities at the facility Casa Connor which was donated to Pasitos de Luz and has a long-standing history with the directors and founders of MCA. Casa Connor currently has space and equipment to carry out our initiatives which makes Pasitos de Luz an ideal intermediary  for carrying out our services .  

In 2011 Casa Connor was a dream for the Vanderveens and Peter & Teena Oudman, who live in Calgary in Canada, and it has been their life and breath since that time. The families dedicated themselves to building a facility for children with special needs with the help of a dedicated board of directors and many compassionate donors. Their vision was focused on building a facility that would have the space, required equipment and respite capacity for disabled children and one that would make the children feel special.

MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation directors and volunteers provide essential therapy, education and nutrition in a safe, supportive and accepting environment for children and youth with disabilities to reach their full potential. Read more about our mission


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You can donate one time or monthly and make a significant difference. You can also consider long term by leaving a legacy – one of the most important and transformative gifts that you can give in your lifetime.

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You can make a donation that will help MCA to provide the children and youth with access to services or a needed equipment item.


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