Pasitos de Luz is the only civil association in Mexico that provides basic care, hygiene, nutrition, therapy, massage, special education classes and more for free to children with a disability who largely live in extreme poverty and/or who have limited resources.

Nationally, Pasitos de Luz is not just locally recognized for the quality of their services, but also by the city and state government because of the beneficial impact of the services to families who need them. The longevity and reputation of Pasitos de Luz make it an ideal intermediary for MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation.

Pasitos de Luz and Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation 

There are no ongoing government social programs in Mexico for these families and their children which is why our work is so important. MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation, together with Pasitos de Luz, can:

  • Help people who have reached desperation with their child or children, and they truly want what is best for them.
  • Provide a significant depth and breadth of services at no cost to the families.
  • Provide desperately needed services from food and nutrition to diverse therapies, education, recreation, care and love so the children and their families are able to experience life at a level they never dreamed possible.
  • Empower families and their children. With all of our help, the mothers come to recognize they have the power to affect their lives and their children’s lives. They recognize their choices do matter and they have an element of control on what happens.
  • Provide hope….we can provide hope where there was no hope.

Imagine a single mother who lives on the breadline trying to take care of a little girl with cerebral palsy while also supporting three other children. Then imagine that this whole family lives in a single room constructed from corrugated iron and cardboard. MCA can enable this family to survive. And you as a donor, volunteer and supporter through MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation, can help the children and youth with disabilities and their families to live their lives to the fullest.