How Do You Want To Change The World?

MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation welcomes you to join us! If you identify with our strong mission focussed on helping children with disabilities and our strong financial management that includes regular reviews by Grant Thornton, we invite you to talk to us about sustainability and setting up an endowment.  

Legacy Giving  and Planned Giving

Donors provide a lifeline which allows many charities to survive and help those in need. MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation facilitates giving for Canadian donors who identify with their mission and vision. Specifically MCA focuses on helping children with disabilities that require critically needed services. Those families live on or below the poverty line. MCA provides access for special needs children in Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta areas of Mexico with a wide range of therapies, necessary nutrition, basic education, social & cultural interactions and more.

Importance of Legacy Giving

An important moral value in many cultures and families is altruism. A legacy gift is specifically intended to leave a legacy or lasting impact that can ensure sustainability and growth for the recipients. Legacy gifts reflect your personal values and your life’s journey. A legacy gift provides hope and supports the vision for the future.

Legacy giving is one of the most important and transformative gifts that you can give in your lifetime.  The significant and profound impact you can make cannot be underestimated. Your gift can provide security for our current programs and services, help us to create new programs and services, as well as ensure our specialized equipment and facilities can be maintained or expanded. Your legacy gift may also provide an opportunity to establish an endowment ensuring ongoing funding for operations.

How to Create a Legacy Gift

Your legacy gift can potentially allow you to provide financial support for the special needs children that MCA supports that might otherwise go to government taxes. It is essential for you to work with financial, legal and tax professionals to maximize financial benefits for you, your loved ones as well as the MCA children who attend at Casa Connor. To determine how to best protect and wisely gift your resources, please discuss your Legacy Gift and intentions with

  • your lawyer
  • your financial planner/advisor
  • the executor of your estate
  • your family, friends and loved ones
  • a member of the MCA board of directors to notify, provide awareness and to clarify any specific requirements or requests.

MCA is happy to work with you to provide any needed information about us that is needed to ensure you legacy gift will be implemented in the way that you want. Please contact us at

Options for Legacy Gifts

Your legacy gift can include options such as real estate, cash, securities, or a specified amount of your estate. The following provide examples of legacy gifts that MCA can accept.


  • You can make a bequest in a will or a trust to MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation
  • You can also make a bequest to honour a family member, friend or loved one
    Your bequest can be for a specific amount, a percent of an estate or the remainder of an estate after all other bequests are paid.


Cash of any type type will be accepted including cheques, etransfers, wired funds, money orders, bank drafts, credit card payments , etc.

Retirement Funds or Life Insurance

You can name MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation as the beneficiary for your retirement funds or life insurance. The donor must agree to pay, before due, any future premium payments owing on the policy.


You may identify  MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation as the beneficiary for a number of types of securities including stocks, bonds or insurance policies. These will be sold immediately unless directed otherwise  by the MCA Board of Directors.

Prior Approval Requested

Personal property and real estate may also be accepted after prior review and discussion with MCA to ensure viability. We need to determine if we are able to manage the gift and that needed disclosure is communicated on costs that may be incurred once accepted.

Personal Property

Personal property including items of value such as vehicles, collectibles, etc. may be possible. Depending on the value, a legal transfer or an appraisal certificate may be required from the donor.

Real Estate

Charitable gifts of real estate range from personal residences and vacation homes to rental properties, farmland, and commercially developed land. Criteria for acceptance of gifts of real estate include its usefulness, marketability, any limitations and any carrying costs.

Please contact us regarding other types of Legacy Giving requests that you may wish to propose.

Legal Nomenclature

In all cases of your planned Legacy Giving, please specify MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation.

Please note that the intermediary charity in Mexico that  MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation works with is the legal entity known as  Mamás Unidas por la Rehabilitación de sus Hijos A.C.   This charity, which is registered in Mexico, is more commonly known by its nickname “Pasitos de Luz”. But please be aware that  Pasitos de Luz is not a registered legal name. Casa Connor is also not a legal registered name so any gifts to be used for MCA purposes of helping children with disabilities from Canadian donors must reflect the legally registered Canadian Charity MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation.

MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation is a registered Canadian charity focused on relieving poverty and conditions associated with disabilities.

Our Business number is 795208800 RR 0001

Please seek professional advice from a qualified accountant, lawyer or financial advisor to ensure appropriate planning and donation administration.

For more information, please contact