Monthly Donations

Giving monthly helps us with sustainability. There is no ongoing funding for the children from the government. Each month we rely on donations and fundraisers to help provide needed therapy, care, education, recreation, nutrition, health and so much more. A monthly donation makes an impact through the entire year!

Monthly donations also help during the lean months which tend to be in the summer time when tourists and events are not as common. They also help us with long term planning which is so important for the kids and their families. Join our community of dedicated monthly donors! Every gift, no matter the size makes a positive impact in many lives.

For monthly donations please donate by Credit Card as noted below  if you prefer to donate monthly in a different way, you can donate monthly by e-transfer – this would need to be done by you manually each month. You can also donate monthly using post dated cheques. Further information on donating by e-transfer and cheques please go here

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