Through your donations, we can ensure all of the needed services can be offered at no charge. This support also provides opportunity to increase services and the numbers of children served. 

Your generosity and support helps MCA to ensure the children and their families are getting vital nutrition.

  • Nutrition and dietary assistance is a significant part of helping children reach their potential. MCA, in partnership with Pasitos monitors dietary requirements and assist families in helping to introduce much-needed minerals, vitamins and healthy-eating in the home. We focus on the wellbeing of the whole family. We help where we can,  ensuring donations of food and supplies to the families, so the kids get as much nutrition as possible when they are in their homes.

We ensure the well being of the families and the children by helping them to receive needed dental care, medical appointments and assistance, cleaning supplies, personal products and more.

  • MCA volunteers work with the children and youth with disabilities, and collaborate with Pasitos de Luz, in facilitating and demonstrating appropriate hygiene and bathing techniques and assisting with products needed in the home for improved sanitary conditions.

Our expertise and support ensures that the children receive the desperately needed therapies that help alleviate pain and help them reach their potential.

  • MCA works together with Pasitos to ensure staffing who can provide a wide range of vital therapies.  Therapists provide one-on-one care to the kids, working on positioning, strengthening exercises, stretching techniques and support. Therapy techniques will be taught to the families to try to encourage sustainable therapy at home, so that children are looked after adequately in their own homes.

Your support helps MCA help the children to develop intellectually and physically through their classroom work, recreation and other personal growth activities. MCA ensures appropriate staffing can provide these services.

  • The early learning classes benefit the youngest children, and help to build levels of trust and understanding. The children progress and develop their potential, by their experiences and learning from real life situations. The classes focus on developing cognitive, socio-affective and motor skills. The activities are designed to develop levels of autonomy, a greater sense of self control and independence to increase confidence and a sense of security. Communication and freedom of expression are emphasized.
  • Music, dance, art and creativity are encouraged. Games and fun activities help create a sense of belonging and companionship.

Yes, you can make a difference …. and it goes beyond what many of the volunteers, donors, parents and children imagined!