MCA Mexico’s Canadian Angels Foundation has been incorporated federally and is a registered Canadian charity. We support children and youth with disabilities in Mexico, to improve their health, welfare, social and cultural participation. Our focus includes a number of initiatives that can improve the quality of life for these children. Read more about our mission

Therapy, Education and Nutrition Services  – MCA will work with Pasitos de Luz to provide therapy, education and nutrition services for the betterment of children and youth with disabilities. In addition to current children being served, we have identified over 100 children who have no access to any support and are not receiving help. We will identify and interview these families to determine needs and develop a plan for therapy, education, nutrition, and equipment support. We will continue to identify families in need  by working with other community agencies for referrals.

    • Therapy programs specially adapted to those with disabilities, include:

i.      Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy

ii.      Dance and Music Programs

iii.      Massage Therapy

    • Education classes specially adapted to those with disabilities focus on:

i.      Cognitive and motor skills development;

ii.      Reading, writing and math

iii.      Social skills

    • Nutritional programs specially adapted for those with disabilities will provide beneficiaries with nutritional meals and education on dietary needs.

Expanding Services – MCA will work in cooperation with Pasitos de Luz to facilitate increasing options to include respite for families. We will introduce an evening/overnight respite program.  Caregiving for a child with special needs can impact a caregivers’ physical health, financial wellbeing, relationship with the child and other family relationships. This service allows for the children with complex needs to spend the evening and overnight in a safe environment with trained, qualified professionals supported by vetted volunteers.

Virtual Support Program – MCA is committed to providing both emotional and material support to the children and their families. We will work with our intermediary to ensure families can join and become part of a Virtual support group. The Virtual support group will be monitored and allow families to share issues and determine potential resolutions on an expansive range of topics, engage in idea exchanges such as recipe sharing, and share experiences with accessing resources in the community. A virtual support system provides the families with a timely connection to others dealing with the same types of things. We will strive to ensure they know they are not alone.

Equipment Support and Home Therapy Program  – MCA, will work with Pasitos de Luz, to assess equipment requirements and prioritize needs. In addition to on-site therapy, we will provide  a program to bring therapy equipment to families with a special needs child in their homes including training on use and care of equipment. The child and family will be assessed as to whether they are a good candidate for use of at-home therapy equipment. The child and his/her parent or guardian will receive training and assistance on how to best use and care for the equipment. At-home assistance will be given in the initial  phase of introducing equipment on loan. This at-home program will supplement the on-site therapy programs the child will attend and will be free of charge.

Transportation – MCA will work with Pasitos de Luz in providing transportation  to the facility and needed health-related appointments. We will arrange access to transportation free of charge. Families will have local pick up and drop off locations to ensure safe and available transportation to and from the facility and for health appointments for their child.

Professional Health Care
MCA, in collaboration with Pasitos de Luz, will provide access to health care professionals and provide support for needed medications, treatments and other essential services.

Professional Services – MCA will provide access to professional services, such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational, speech and play therapy that benefit children and youth with Cerebral Palsy, Hemiparesis, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Conditions, inability to speak, Microcephaly, Muscular Dystrophy, Post-Meningitis Syndrome, Severe Behavioural Disorders and other disabilities that impact a child’s ability to live independently. Pasitos de Luz will receive oversight and direction from MCA to engage qualified professional personnel and volunteers to assist with providing these services.

GrowthMCA will grow its capacity to meet the needs of families in Mexico with children who have disabilities and who largely live on or below the poverty line. This growth will include increasing sustainability by securing monthly donors and other long term and legacy donations.

Operational support – MCA will work with the intermediary to carry out therapy and care innovations,  training for volunteers, guidance on nutritional needs, innovations in education and development for processes in managing the intake and developing personal plans for the youth and children. These activities focus on ensuring children and youth with disabilities receive access to services at no cost.